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Bar Gay

Chiquita Bar

A diverse universe in expansion

Brand creation




A unique experience between shows and the best party, that’s what Bar Chiquita is all about. This diverse and different scenario that opened its doors for the first time in Medellin, now expands its borders and proudly brings all its color and fun to the capital of Colombia, Bogota here we come!


In order to expand its limits and reach new markets, we designed a visual identity for Bar Chiquita, keeping its characteristic style, but driven by the need to differentiate  in a new segment. A different but coherent image. That was the challenge!


Based on an irreverent theatrical kitsch concept, we created a fun visual identity for Chiquita Bogotá. Preserving fundamental aspects such as geometric shapes and color palette, but giving strength to differential elements such as the heart and leather textures, also present in the design of each area of the bar.

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