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Dale Robertson

Dale Robertson was born in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa and raised in a family of entrepreneurs. His professional background began with a strong focus on education. He attended California State University, Sacramento where he earned 5 degrees in Business Management, Risk Management, Real Estate/Land Use Development, Finance and Marketing Management.

Construction has been his passion, from an early age, which has allowed him to start each project with a clear vision. He has developed many real estate projects, including the construction of Ideal Plastic Surgery, the largest plastic surgery centre in Northern California. 

Dale’s success is the combination of a lifetime of skills and experience. His business career spans over 20 years, multiple sectors and two continents. His footprint can be seen in both the US and South America.

Ideal Team
Business Career

North America

South America

The marketing aspect is centralized within the Ideal Team. This is where the advertising function of his investments alongside business relationships are given a social media presence.

To date, Dale Robertson and his business ventures have created nearly 200 jobs. He encourages his colleagues and staff to continually grow through education and professional development.

Ideal Team
Ideal Team

Ideal Foundation

Dale and his founding partner, Pirko Maguina MD have formed the Ideal Foundation. The focus is to help children correct orofacial malformations in underdeveloped/impoverished areas as well as adult continued education.

His signature is unique and multifaceted where entrepreneurship is approached from every angle.

Interests: Art, music, nature, current events/trends, social life and personal relationships

Ideal Team

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