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Dojo Box

Capturing spirit-lifting moments 

Video editing


Gym – Wellness


A gym that breaks schemes and jumps the limits of the ordinary. A place designed to train the body, strengthen the mind and elevate the spirit. Combining martial arts and Crossfit, this is a different methodology, where training is holistic and the results are even more impressive. 


How to persuade others to get to know our methodology? When you have a successful service or product, the challenge is to make them know you, because once you get it, you have a loyal audience. Our challenge has been to show through motion images, sound and impact effects, a real experience, the Dojo experience.


Beyond good ideas, we based our work on following trends and researching the consumer behavior of our potential customers. Only by understanding the audience can you communicate with them! Brainstorming, creative workshops, strict shooting plans and most of all, passion for production, intuition to capture the right moments and precision to put them together to tell a good story.

Dojo Box
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